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Tuesday, 19th August 2014
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Japan eyes dance law revision

Government officials in Japan are eyeing a revision in the law that could see the ban lifted on all-night dance clubs and music venues, allowing dancing to continue past midnight in a game-changing new step.

If all this sounds a little bit familiar, that's because it is. A discussion on the matter was held in June, with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party completely in favour of allowing the fun to persist all night long.

However, talks failed to get beyond the early preliminary stages, but things finally look like they're moving forward following a public forum, during which the National Police Agency accepted comments from people on the section of the Entertainment Business Control and Improvement Law that forbids dancing after 12am.

Indeed, if everything goes smoothly, teens could be dancing into the small hours as early as this autumn. Under the proposed legislation, venues need to apply for a license for extended operations, rather than be subjected to an outright ban, as is currently the case.

However, critics have urged caution, claiming additional steps must be taken to ensure nightclubs operate within the law. Some have cited fears that longer nights may result in an increase in drug peddling.

While bars are permitted to operate their own hours and frequently run through the night, clubs with loud music, dancing and stage lighting are required to close their doors at midnight.

However, with the Tokyo 2020 Games coming up, the government is eager to get the law changed, so that tourists can enjoy themselves all night long.

If you're looking for a good night in Japan, Tokyo's main entertainment districts make for an exciting experience, with Shinjuku, Roppongi and Shibuya boasting a plethora of clubs and all-night bars.

However, it is wise to exercise caution in such places and avoid allowing yourself be directed to a venue by a tout.