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Tuesday, 10th June 2008
In Japan Sports News,

Japan in search for new swimsuit

Manufacturers in Japan are attempting to come up with a new swimsuit ahead of this year's Olympic games.

Spurred on by a new development from UK-based manufacturer, the Japanese firms who are to provide equipment for the Japanese swimming team are concerned that they have nothing capable of competing, reports the BBC.

"It's not all about swimsuits. It's sad that people only talk about swimsuits these days. I hope people will pay more attention to the swimmers and not what we wear," said Ai Shibata, one of the members of Japan's swimming team in the report by the broadcaster.

"I think those who broke the records had practised hard and that's why they succeeded."

Dubbed the LZR Racer, Speedo's new suit has been designed to align every muscle into the optimum shape for swimming.

The new suit has also been designed for increased lightness and is also able to repel water.

In related news, a report has revealed that the Japan Swimming Federation may opt to permit the country's swimmers to wear Speedo's new suit at the forthcoming games.