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Friday, 6th June 2014
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Ghibli film poster art revealed

More promotional material has been released for Studio Ghibli's latest hotly anticipated film, with the anime production company unveiling a poster for their 2014 offering "Omoide no Marnie", or Memories of Marnie.

The picture, which will be released on July 19th, is based on an English children's novel classic by Joan G Robinson entitled When Marnie Was There. It tells the story of Anna, who moves to a remote home with her family and doesn't have a friend in the world, until she meets a mysterious blonde girl called Marnie.

In Ghibli's revised version of the tale, the action takes place in a remote coastal area in Hokkaido, which is the least developed of Japan's main islands.

A new poster unveiled this week showed the two girls standing back to back against a coastal setting, holding hands and staring into the distance.

Along with the art, Studio Ghibli also released information about some of the talent that has worked on the project, with musician Takatsugu Muramatsu confirmed to have scored the soundtrack.

Sara Takatsuki was also revealed to have voiced the character of Anna and Kasumi Arimura that of Marnie.

The film will undoubtedly undergo close scrutiny, as the production is the first to be released by Studio Ghibli since renowned animator and creative Hayao Miyazaki departed the company in November last year.

If the original story is anything to go by, the picture will feature the usual Studio Ghibli magic, with a mysterious truth to be revealed about Marnie later in the film.

Ultimately, it will likely include the usual Ghibli hallmarks of friendship, family and love, coupled with a heady dose of supernatural charm.

If you're seeking more of the Ghibli experience during your time in Japan, why not head to the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo? The experience showcases some tricks of the trade, as well as some of the original artwork produced by the legendary Miyazaki himself.

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