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Thursday, 5th June 2014
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Jellyfish attraction reopens

An aquarium famed for its incredible jellyfish exhibits has reopened in the northeastern prefecture of Yamagata, to the joy of tourists who enjoy watching the animals, as well as the locals who rely on visitors spending money.

The Kamo Aquarium in the city of Tsuruoka, which holds the Guinness World Record for housing more types of jellyfish than any other aquarium, initially closed down six months ago while a new building was constructed and the specimens were moved to their new home.

Specifications reveal that the new aquarium is more than 60 per cent larger than the old one, giving space for even more creatures.

The facility opened to positive reviews on Sunday (June 1st), with organisers allowing guests through the doors an hour and a half earlier than usual as a large queue of excited tourists had already built up.

Visitors wishing to see the 50 specimens of jellyfish puffing alongside various species of local fish will find the city of Tsuruoka on the Japan Sea coast, towards the north of the country. It is easily reachable by bullet train and the cheapest way for people to travel is to obtain the Japan Rail Pass.

If you're particularly keen to continue the aqua theme during your stay in the country, it is also worth heading to the Osaka Aquarium, one of the largest public facilities of its type in the entire world. Of particular note is the Pacific Ocean tank, the largest in the aquarium, which holds various specimens including whale shark, manta ray, bluefin tuna and other large fish.

Toyama Bay is also worth a visit at certain times of the year, as the shore is illuminated by the light of thousands of luminous jellyfish that stray close to the coast when they breed.

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