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Friday, 23rd May 2014
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Shibuya crossing to get new screen

Few aspects of Tokyo are more renowned than the famous Shibuya pedestrian crossing, which stands just outside the ward's main train station on an intersection of five roads. It has appeared in television shows, thousands of postcards and many Hollywood films, and is considered the epitome of the busy capital.

So it was big news yesterday (May 20th) when it was announced the installation of a new advertisement screen atop one of the most prominent skyscrapers, with adverts provided courtesy of Hit Vision.

Standing at 17.3 metres tall and 24.3 metres wide, the extraordinary creation is around the size of a basketball court. This makes it a whopping ten times larger than the smallest screens currently trying to get people on the crossing below to buy shampoo, DVDs and all manner of gadgets.

With around 500,000 people crossing the street each day at the affectionately-named Shibuya Scramble, advertising in the area is a big business, with more than 3,000 pedestrians fighting their way across the intersection every time the lights change.

The nearby Starbucks in the Tsutaya building offers the perfect vantage point from which you can witness this organised chaos, and while its proximity to the crossing means that it's permanently busy, it's a fine place to stop for a coffee and get a sense of the city.

As one of Tokyo's most prominent entertainment districts, Shibuya offers a host of activities for any tourist to indulge in. From getting a photo by the statue of faithful dog Hachiko to seeing what delights await in the Tokyu Food Show to booking a private karaoke room, the list is endless.

Shibuya can be easily reached on the railway by accessing the Yamanote line and JR pass users can use their document at the gates instead of purchasing a ticket.

Written by Susan Ballion