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Wednesday, 30th April 2014
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Bullet train tech to go abroad

A group of Japanese companies have confirmed they have plans to jointly market the technology that makes the Shinkansen, or bullet trains, such a speedy means of transportation.

In an announcement that will no doubt have users of Britain's National Rail or the US's Amtrak jumping for joy, the firms claimed they will sell a number of mechanisms such as automatic control systems that help the bullet trains fly through the countryside at more than 200 kilometres per hour.

The International High-Speed Railroad Association, made up of four separate companies, said it will focus its selling efforts in the US and other Asian countries, however, and it could be a while before the buyers are enjoying the exceptional punctuality associated with the trains.

Shinkansen inter-city services are known for running an extremely tight timetable, with cleaning staff given the task of preparing the carriages for each journey in just seven minutes.

Written by Mark Smith


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