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Tuesday, 17th June 2008
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Japan hit by earthquake

The main Japanese island of Honshu was been hit by a strong earthquake on Saturday morning.

Measuring a magnitude of 7.2, the epicentre of the quake was in the country's Iwate prefecture, a rural area less than 300 miles away from Tokyo, Japan's capital city.

"I saw some shattered windows and broken roof tiles. There were no collapsed buildings," said any eyewitness to NHK, the country's public broadcaster.

Another eyewitness added: "It was scary. It was difficult to stand up. The TV fell over and the refrigerator shook."

Early reports indicated that the earthquake had caused six fatalities, however, this has now been revised upwards to at least nine.

So far, 200 individuals are known to have been injured.

Japan has today experienced another earthquake, measuring a magnitude of 3.6, according to data released by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The quake occurred at 23:21 local time in the Iwate Ken region of the country.