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Thursday, 17th April 2014
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Frozen tops Japanese box office for 5th week

Disney's latest film Frozen has been causing a bit of a stir across the globe, with an Oscar nomination and Travolta's embarrassing mispronunciation of singer Idina Menzel's name at the awards ceremony last month.

But it's proving especially popular in Japan, where the big number 'Let It Go' has become must-sing karaoke material in practically every bar from Tokyo's Shinjuku to Kyoto's Gion.

The film, which is entitled Anna and the Snow Queen for Japan, has so far spent five consecutive weeks at the top of the box office chart, having opened on March 14th.

Statistics indicate the motion picture has made more than 9.28 billion yen and it's expected to surpass the ten billion yen mark by next weekend.

Cinemas say they have sold around seven million tickets, with the Japanese dubbed version being particularly popular. So if you're stuck for karaoke material, the pop version by May J is most commonly available in bars and differs only slightly from the theatrical.

Written by Mark Smith


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