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Thursday, 13th February 2014
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Daruma Doll Fair: A signal of spring

Tokyo will soon be playing host to the Jindaiji Temple Daruma Doll Fair, which is known for signalling the beginning of spring -  it will certainly be welcomed by shivering Tokyoites who remember last week's dramatic snowfall all too well.

The fair takes place on March 3rd and for two days only, the urban scenery of the capital's centre will be tinged scarlet with these beautiful creations.

Daruma Dolls, contrary to their names, do not actually resemble anything like their traditional western toy counterparts, but are instead regarded as a talisman for good luck.

Designs vary wildly depending on the artist, but they are usually red and gold and depict a bearded man.

Around three hundred stalls selling these peculiarities flood the streets around the Jindaiji Temple every spring, as part of its annual Yakuyoke Ganzan Jie Daishi Festival, which has been carried out every year since the Edo period.

Written by Mark Smith