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Wednesday, 5th February 2014
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Singer Hikaru Utada to marry partner

Japanese singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada has revealed in a heartfelt blog entry addressed to her fans that she intends to marry her fiance on May 23rd this year.

The lucky gentleman in question is aged 23 - eight years Utada's junior - and Italian. The pair met while the artist was touring Italy and he was reportedly working at the bar of the hotel where Utada was staying.

"When I talked about my fiance in my last conversation with my mother, she was so glad," commented Utada. "My partner is a sincere, nice man, loved by many friends."

The pair will tie the knot in a church by the sea near Fasano in southern Italy.

Utada has many fans across Japan and has become particularly well-known for her 1999 multi-million-selling debut record First Love, which remains one of the nation's biggest hits on the international stage.

Written by Mark Smith