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Tuesday, 4th February 2014
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Utsunomiya reclaims gyoza title

The city of Utsunomiya was pleased to regain its title as the largest spender on gyoza with the average household spending close to 5,000 yen annually on the dish.

According to Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry data announced yesterday (February 3rd), the metropolis first lost the accolade in 2011 to Hamamatsu in the Shizuoka Prefecture but retook it last year.

Competition for the title is high as Utsunomiya relies heavily on its reputation for gyoza to promote tourism, and held the top spot for 15 years prior to 2011.

The dish originally came to Japan from China and has become extremely popular across the nation. It is similar to a dumpling, with pastry concealing a tasty centre that is usually made up of ground pork, cabbage, nira, green onion, ginger and sake.

Those interested in trying the meal in Utsunomiya should visit one of its famous gyoza restaurants, of which there are more than two hundred within the city limits.

Written by Mark Smith

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