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Tuesday, 24th June 2008
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Naked greed gets woman arrested

A 25-year-old married woman from Kasugai City in the Aichi Prefecture has been arrested for selling nude photographs and videos of herself taken on her mobile phone, it has been reported.

Police arrested Yoshimi Yamanashi after she sold the offending items to more than 100 people over the internet since May 2005, reports Japan Today.

According to the police, she has earned around one million yen through her endeavours, which also include pictures in which she is wearing a school uniform at the request of clients.

Yamanashi is quoted as saying "I started this business because I wanted to buy clothes."

The evidence was also saved on the memory card on the woman's phone.

Last year, Japanese audiences were said to be outrage when a TV channel broadcast a dance routine in which the dancers appeared to be naked. They were in fact wearing realistic body suits, according to the Daily Variety.