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Monday, 13th January 2014
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Lucky Man 2014 honoured in Nishinomiya

The annual running competition at the Nishinomiya shrine compound proved to be popular as ever this year, with 1,500 sprinters turning out with hopes of becoming the luckiest man of 2014.

Under the terms of the annual contest, which dates all the way back to the Edo period, the winner of the event is proclaimed to be the "lucky man of the year", with the second and third runners-up also receiving the honour.

As is traditional, the men lined up in front of the shrine's gates on January 10th, waiting for them to be opened at 6am to the sound of drumming that would signal the start of the race.

They then dashed the 230 metre stretch across the compound and into the main hall, with 19-year-old Amagasaki university student claiming the much-coveted title this year. 

The Nishinomiya shrine is located in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, for those who wish to travel to Japan next year in order to witness the race carried out.

Written by Graham McPherson


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