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Wednesday, 8th January 2014
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Japan gears up for Setsubun

Those who will be in Japan for the start of February are in for a treat, with the nation's people gearing up to welcome in the spring with the Setsubun festival set to take place in shrines and temples across the country.

Easily the best place to partake in the event is the Sensoji temple of Asakusa in Tokyo, which sees people chant the words "Long life and good fortune, come in!" rather than the usual "Demons go away!", as there are no mean spirits to be found in front of Kannon, the Buddhist deity of mercy.

The Fukuju-no-mai Dance - or Seven Deities of Good Fortune Dance - is also a tradition that is only performed at the renowned place of worship.

However, tourists can enjoy the famous bean-tossing part of the ceremony in any Japanese shrine or temple and there are plenty of other unique traditions to be observed. Those in Kansai are encouraged to eat uncut eho-maki rolls for good luck, for example.

Setsubun will take place this year on February 3rd.

Written by Susan Ballion


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