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Monday, 6th January 2014
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Return rush clogs transport networks

The exodus of people returning to their homes and workplaces after New Year clogged the famously prompt Japanese transportation network yesterday (December 5th), with trains running at 160 per cent capacity in some cases.

As is traditional, citizens of Japan generally return to their childhood homes in time for December 31st, in order to celebrate the arrival of the next year with their parents and siblings.

However, the annual rush of people saw domestic and international flights struggling to cope with demand, while traffic jams as long as 23km could be seen at the Toyokawa interchange on the Tomei Expressway and the Kusatsu junction on the Meishin Expressway.

For those considering a trip to Japan next year in time for the December 31st celebrations, it is important to remember that travel chaos is prevalent in the country, particularly on certain dates.

However, when it comes to welcoming in 2015, it may be worth the angst if you have your heart set upon being at the Shibuya Crossing or the Meiji Shrine for the countdown, where flocks of people traditionally gather.

Written by Mark Smith