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Tuesday, 17th December 2013
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Tokyo to open Imperial Palace to public

Tourists visiting Tokyo will be able to see the city's Imperial Palace in all its glory, with plans to open the world-famous landmark for two months next year to commemorate the 80th birthday of Emperor Akihito

Currently, visitors to the palace are only able to explore one of its extensive gardens, although jogging around the complex has become a popular activity in itself given the fantastic sights.

However, the public will be allowed to access the Seiden Matsu no Ma State Function Hall, Homeiden State Banquet Hall and Chowaden Reception Hall during May and October in 2014.

Former capital Kyoto is also home to an Imperial Palace which is used by the royal family on state visits, and the site is open twice a year to receive visitors.

Japan's ruling family is a source of fascination for tourists given their high level of privacy and the role they play in the country.

Written by Mark Smith


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