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Tuesday, 10th December 2013
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Tokyo Skytree welcomes 10 millionth visitor

For a year and a half, the Tokyo Skytree has towered over the city, offering world-class views of this unique location to tourists and locals alike. And indeed, its popularity has been astounding, with ten million visitors going through its doors and up in the lift since it opened in May 2012.

The ten millionth person to sample the view was Masaaki Tsuchida, 42, who visited the landmark with his son, daughter and wife.

Mr Tsuchida was pleased to be presented with a bouquet of flowers and a number of souvenirs and toys from the gift shop, to commemorate his milestone visit to the Skytree.

Standing 634 metres tall, the tower is the tallest building in Japan and was, at the time of its completion, the second tallest building in the world.

Tourists willing to brave the heights will be treated to unobscured views over the Kanto region, in addition to a beautiful aquarium and shopping mall as well as a restaurant and cafe.

Written by Graham McPherson


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