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Thursday, 5th December 2013
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Travel in Japan to increase for NY

As the Japanese prepare to say ' say?nara ' to 2013 and ' konnichiwa ' to 2014, it has been reported that the number of people making overnight or longer travels during the New Year period is set to reach a record high.

This is according to Japanese travel agency JTB Corp, which released information yesterday (December 4th) indicating that more than 30 million people will be travelling during the year end.

This marks a two per cent increase on the figures for the same period of 2012 and 2013, the company said.

Speculation is abound as to why such a noticeable increase has been noted, although the fact Japanese people are often able to take up to nine days off work thanks to public holidays around this period makes it easier to travel.

In addition, increased winter bonus payments from many companies may also have contributed to the rise, as the extra income may mean travellers are more inclined to think they can afford to go elsewhere.

Experiencing Japan during New Year can be incredibly rewarding as there are a number of festivals and activities that take place around this time that just don't happen at any other point in the year.

Hatsumode, which is the first visit of the year to a shrine for the majority of Japanese people, often sees dozens of food stands set up in and around the largest temples.

It is especially atmospheric around New Year's Eve at midnight when the bell is rung repeatedly to celebrate the dawn of another year.

Those in the capital will also be able to enjoy the Emperor's New Year Greeting, which sees the inner grounds of the Tokyo Imperial Palace thrown open. Japanese royalty generally appear on a glass-protected balcony, waving and greeting the crowd of flag wavers.

It is worth noting, however, that many attractions across Japan will close for one or more days over the holiday season, as with any country.

Written by Mark Smith