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Wednesday, 4th December 2013
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Tokyo retains Michelin gourmet capital crown

Tokyo has retained the Michelin gourmet food capital of the world, following the publication of the organisation's latest star guide on Tuesday (December 3rd ).

The guide awarded Tokyo's fine dining scene with six new two-star restaurants and 16 new one-star venues, while a further two eateries have been promoted from one to two stars, a press release said.

Michelin's star system has become the international benchmark across the world of gourmet food, and the Japanese capital has proven the favourite location for food critics for the past seven consecutive years.

Basement sushi restaurant Azabu Yukimura is among the restaurants that have helped to secure this honour. Its three-star status comes from serving traditional kaiseki dishes, but often with an appropriate twist.

Other Tokyo-based restaurants that feature in the latest edition of the Michelin guide include the French contemporary specialising Joel Robuchon, the tempura-serving 7 Chome Kyoboshi and the Usukifugu Yamadaya, which serves fugu.

Any trip to Japan would not be complete without a visit to a traditional Japanese restaurant and tourists are advised to be experimental in their foodie adventures.

There is more to the country's cuisine scene than the raw fish sashimi and sushi maki that so often dominate Western ideas of Japanese cookery, as is reflected in the mixture of restaurants that have secured stars for this year's Michelin guide.

Visitors are encouraged to sample the classic dining experience that is the Japanese barbecue, or the taste-tantalising Osaka favourite Okonomiyaki which takes the form of a savoury pancake.

Sushi lovers should head for the Tsukiji fish market, which advertises the freshest food in the metropolis as this is where most of the meat travels to before being distributed to the various restaurants and eateries throughout the city. Be prepared to get up early for the tuna auction, though!

Written by Susan Ballion