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Tuesday, 3rd December 2013
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New volcanic island is growing

A new volcanic island forming off the coast of Japan is continuing to grow in size, authorities have reported, with the local media continuing to speculate over whether it will eventually become inhabitable.

According to coast guards operating in the area, the landmass now measures 250 metres wide and 200 metres in length, with the most recent aerial survey being carried out yesterday (December 2nd).

The island was identified on November 20th and has been noted for being the first to occur in 40 years in the Ogasawara chain. It is around 130 kilometres from the closest inhabited island.

Japan's government is on record as saying it will welcome the opportunity to expand its territorial reach, whether the island will eventually be habitable or not.

The island will give the country first rights to explore a zone of up to 200 nautical miles around its perimeter for fresh resources, adding to its value significantly.

Written by Graham McPherson


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