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Monday, 2nd December 2013
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JR Company shows off new bullet train

The East Japan Railway company, often referred to as the JR company, last week (November 28th ) unveiled its brand new Shinkansen bullet train, which will run services from Tokyo and the Japan Sea coast.

Journalists were invited to see the latest model of the E7 series at a rail yard in the miyagi prefecture, where it is undergoing its final preparations before starting full-time services.

As well as a luxury Gran Class car that seats just 18 passengers, the train is also fitted with a rubber device designed to help it plough through the icy conditions it will need to contend with in the chilly Hokuriku region.

However, those who are unable to afford the luxury carriage needn't be too disappointed as standard class bullet trains are known for their spacious seating areas and exceptionally punctual timetables.

Indeed, it has been known for conductors to issue apologies when a train has arrived merely a minute later than anticipated.

Written by Mark Smith


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