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Tuesday, 19th November 2013
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Film to explore classic Japanese legend

The Tokyo film scene was abuzz with excitement yesterday (November 18th ) as the director of the latest Keanu Reeves film entitled 47 Ronin held a press conference to discuss his adaptation of the legendary tale.

Director Carl Rinsch, as well as Reeves and his co-stars, were in attendance at the event, which saw hundreds of fans and journalists turn out to meet them.

The film follows the story of the 47 samurai warriors who set out to avenge their master after he was ordered to commit seppuku - suicide - for assaulting a court official Kira Yoshinaka, a story which has become legendary throughout Japan and indeed many other countries.

According to the yarn, the ronin plotted for two years before taking their revenge, decapitating Kira, cleaning his head of blood and resting it on the grave of their master, before turning themselves in to face the death penalty.

Rinsch told reporters that he and Reeves had been determined to make the story their own, adding that the feature is very much "a Hollywood blockbuster".

"These themes of revenge, loyalty, perseverance, were things we knew from the very beginning were universal," he said.

Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada plays the main supporting character Kuranosuke Oishi. He praised Reeves' acting style, claiming his character had become more samurai-like throughout the filming process.

The film premieres in Japan on December 6th, with a wider release happening across the world on December 25th.

However, those who can't wait to get their dose of samurai culture should get to the Sengakuji Temple in Tokyo where they can visit the graves of the actual 47 ronin who gave their lives to avenge their master.

The site is located in the Takanawa district and is easily accessible from the Shinagawa Station.

Written by Susan Ballion

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