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Wednesday, 13th November 2013
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Government to draft guidelines against dishonest menus

Those concerned about the recent dishonest menu scandal that has hit Japan's restaurant industry can be reassured as the government is set to draw up plans to tackle the problem.

The scandal has been emerging over the last month, with a number of hotels, restaurants and department stores admitting to using ingredients that were not of the quality stated on the menus and labels provided.

Several major chains have been engulfed in the affair, such as the Takashimaya Company and the Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Company, which misrepresented 62 menu items including black tiger shrimp passed off as Japanese kuruma shrimp.

Tourists travelling to Japan in the future will, however, be relieved to hear that the new legislation set to be introduced will ensure all Japanese cuisine is honestly represented on the menus and packaging.

Despite the famed love of sushi, visitors should attempt to broaden their understanding of Japanese food by trying meals such as okonomiyaki, katsudon and Japanese curry.

Written by Susan Ballion


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