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Tuesday, 12th November 2013
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Mercury plunges across Japan

Winter is well and truly settling in, with temperatures across Japan plunging dramatically today (November  12th ) as the Japan Meteorological Agency ( JMA ) tracks a cold air mass across the Kanto area, Hokuriku and northern Japan.

According to the organisation, data taken in Hokkaido showed a plunge that resembled the averages for January, while the mercury in Hokkaido dropped to 12.8 degrees below zero in Kamikawa.

Temperatures as low as 0.5 degrees were recorded in Utsunomiya of the Tochigi prefecture, while those living in parts of the Ibaraki and Gunma prefectures awoke to their first frost of the season earlier today.

In Tokyo, the weather was slightly more bearable, with almost eight degrees recorded at 7am local time.

However, those tempted to switch on the heating might want to make do with layers of clothing as temperatures are predicted to pick up again on November 14th.

Written by Susan Ballion