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Tuesday, 5th November 2013
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Japan has 'most positive' influence in the world

Japan's influence over world politics is considered the most positive in the world, a newly published report has claimed.

According to the research conducted by Globescan in conjunction with the BBC World Service, a surge in the number of people offering a positive view of the country's foreign policy helped it to overtake Germany in the top position.

Chris Coulter, head of Globescan, commented that poor results for Europe may have had an influence on Asia's surge, with China also reporting a surge in positive views.

"The turmoil in the EU, long seen as an attractive bastion of political and economic stability, has raised doubts in people's minds about its continued ability to be a global leader," he explained, adding that hopes are turning elsewhere.

With Japan having recently been awarded the 2020 Olympics and its economy well on the way to recovery, there is no better time to visit this incredible nation.