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Friday, 1st November 2013
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Kyoto's Imperial Palace opens its doors

Kyoto's Imperial Palace is once again open to the public for a limited stint this autumn, with visitors queuing up outside the gates in the early hours of yesterday morning (October 31st ) in order to be among the first to explore this extraordinary institution.

The impressive building was once the permanent home of the Japanese Emperor, before Tokyo became the official capital of Japan and a new palace was constructed.

Nowadays, it is still put to good use whenever the Emperor visits Kyoto, and some of its extensive grounds serves as a park for the city's residents to use.

However, the seven buildings that make up the majority of the palace itself are only available for exploration twice a year - for a short period during the autumn and spring months.

If you are travelling to Kyoto while the palace is open to the public, it is most definitely worth a visit as the buildings contain a number of artefacts and items that are of important national heritage.

Written by Susan Ballion


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