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Thursday, 31st October 2013
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Disneysea presents spooktacular Halloween

Tokyo's Disneysea attraction has been showing the world how to celebrate Halloween, with a number of changes and activities in the park being showcased in order to reflect the spooktacular holiday.

In spite of the fact Japan is a relative newcomer to the scene, tourists can enjoy a scary day out at Disneysea, which already boasts a number of heart stopping roller coasters capable of terrifying anyone brave enough to attempt them.

In addition, the Disney train that brings park-goers in from the capital was populated by dozens of attendants with plastic pumpkins full of candy to give to guests, while street lights and statues within the attraction have been hung with jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs.

Japan is known for celebrating numerous festivals, both national and international, with an enviable enthusiasm.

Visitors to Kyoto during Obon will be amazed at the mountain bonfires in the shape of kanji symbols, while the cherry blossom festivals across the country are well-known across the world.

Written by Susan Ballion


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