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Wednesday, 23rd October 2013
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Michelin rewards restaurants in Japan

Michelin has recognised the achievements of a number of restaurants in western Japan, with a total of 255 eateries awarded for providing excellent cuisine.

In an emailed press release, the company stated that 202 restaurants and two ryokans were promoted to one star, while 52 venues gained two.

In addition, two venues in Kyoto - Mizai and Kichisen - received three Michelin stars, a status that denotes they are worth making a special journey for. In total, there are currently 28 establishments throughout Japan that can boast this achievement, in comparison to just 27 in France, often considered the benchmark when it comes to excellent cooking.

A total of two stars indicates that a restaurant is worth a detour to experience its cuisine, while one star denotes an excellent restaurant in its field.

Although sushi has long been considered a Japanese staple in the west, many people visiting Japan are often surprised by the variety of cuisine that is on offer throughout the country.

Each city and region has its own distinctive dishes. If travelling to Osaka, it would be a crime not to sample okonomiyaki, sometimes known colloquially as 'Osaka soul food'. This savoury pancake, often topped with a rich sauce, contains all manner of fillings, from seafood and cabbage to onions and pork.

Another dish often missed by tourists is Japanese barbecue, sometimes referred to as yakiniku, an experience that involves cooking meat and vegetables yourself at the table before dunking them in a variety of sweet sauces.

Last year, Japan's Michelin horde stood at a total of 595 stars - just one star behind France. So there is no excuse not to have an exciting and varied dining experience while visiting the country.

Written by Graham McPherson


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