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Monday, 21st October 2013
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Wearable tourist device could take off

Tokyo, a city famous for its fondness of gadgetry and technological wizardry, has come up with a new device that could really help future tourists find their way around this gigantic metropolis.

The object in question - a device similar to Google Glass that fits over the eyes and displays information on Tokyo's various tourist attractions, including their history, notable features and how far they are from the next point of interest.

As well as a repository for contextual knowledge, the technology also offers directions and advice on how to reach popular tourist attractions.

Elementary school children were asked to carry out an experiment alongside their parents in Tokyo's Minato Ward last week, as directed by the ward office and the major precision equipment manufacturer creating the equipment.

It is hoped that the technology will be available to tourists visiting the Japanese capital for the 2020 Olympics.

Written by Mark Smith