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Wednesday, 9th October 2013
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Tokyo gets ready for Japanese tea festival

Those who believe the ubiquitous green tea found in sushi bars and vending machines all over the country is all there is to Japan's tea drinking culture are in for a shock if they attend Tokyo's very special Japanese tea festival this year.

Taking place in two of the capital's most stunningly beautiful natural areas - the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum and Hama-rikyu Gardens - the festival aims to introduce participants to a diverse selection of tastes.

Even novices are welcome to immerse themselves in the sacred worlds of sado, or chanoyu, or simply "the way of tea".

Visitors to Tokyo can catch the Hama-rikyu Gardens ceremony this coming weekend (October 12th-13th), with the tea-drinking kicking off at 9:30am. Last admittance is 3:45pm.

The event features three outdoor tea ceremonies, two indoor tea ceremonies, one beginners' tea ceremony and one session in English, for tourists wishing to attend.

Written by Graham McPherson


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