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Monday, 23rd September 2013
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Sumo tournament hits Tokyo

Visitors to the city of Tokyo are in for a treat as the capital is currently playing host to the 15-day September Sumo Wrestling tournament, one of six such events that occur around the country every year.

The Japanese sport, which can trace its roots back to ancient times, can be something of an eye-opener for tourists in terms of the traditions and rituals involved, such as the purification of the ring with salt.

While seats can be tricky to get hold of during weekends and national holidays, weekday matches rarely sell out. Tickets can be snapped up through official vendors, at some convenience stores or over the internet at

Latecomers can gain entry by queuing up for day seats, which go on sale the morning of the match.

The tournaments take place every day until September 29th at Yokoami, Sumida-ku, meaning there is still plenty of opportunity for tourists to witness this incredible sport.

Written by Graham McPherson