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Friday, 30th August 2013
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Shinjuku to ban street solicitation

The nightlife scene in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will soon look very different following a new law passed this week by the government which bans all touts and soliciting for the district's many clubs, bars and karaoke bars.

As reported by the Japan Times, aggressive behaviour from people trying to direct drinkers to certain venues has resulted in the move, with violators of the law to be given "direction" from neighbourhood wardens from September onwards.

If touting continues, officials will consider implementing a punishment clause to the ruling.

Aggressive solicitation in popular nightclub areas such as Shinjuku and Roppongi has proven to be a major problem in the past, with the British embassy among those issuing warnings to foreign travellers regarding the subject.

However, the new law should hopefully mean that tourists can happily walk the streets of Shinjuku after dark without being badgered by touts.

Written by Graham McPherson