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Tuesday, 30th July 2013
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Bad weather leaves Japanese stranded

Severe weather in the form of torrential rain continues to affect residents of Yamaguchi and Shimane prefectures, as the Japan Meteorological Agency has warned people about the risk of mudslides. 

Many residents in these areas of the country have been left stranded by rising rivers whose banks are close to bursting as a result of the recent downpours. 

Search and rescue missions are therefore being carried out in a bid to reach those isolated by the rain. It is estimated that as many as 480 people were left stranded after roads had been flooded. 

It has been confirmed that 79-year-old Yoshino Tashima died in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture when her house collapsed and a further ten people were injured as a result of the extreme weather conditions. 

Some 200 people were trapped and then later rescued from a youth centre in Yamaguchi prefecture and a further 200 residents in three districts across Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture were also stranded.