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Friday, 11th July 2008
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Expo showcases eco technology

A Japanese expo is showcasing the best examples of the country's pioneering eco-friendly technology.

Yasuko Yoshida, a guide at the Environmental Showcase exhibition told Gulf News: "This exposition features Japan's latest technologies and efforts in addressing environmental challenges."

One of the most innovative technologies on display involved 'snow-and-ice cryogenic energy'.

Ms Yoshida explained that more Japanese firms were usings now and ice,stored during winter, for their air-conditioning systems, cutting the cost of staying cool and reducing the impact on the environment.

Green information technology was also showing at another expo in Hokkaido. Erika Takeshi from an eco-friendly computer firm said that some models of computer could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 33 per cent a year.

"This concept focuses on both energy-saving IT equipment and systems as well as on energy-sufficient society by IT usage," she said.

Japan recently announced it plans to offset the total carbon emissions on the G8 summit, which it calculates will be around 25,000 tonnes, reports Reuters.

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