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Wednesday, 3rd July 2013
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Ueno Zoo's giant panda moved back to public view following false pregnancy

Visitors to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo will no doubt be pleased to see that Shin Shin the giant panda, who experts had suggested may have been pregnant, is back in public view.

Despite showing signs of pregnancy, such as an increase in certain hormones, loss of appetite and spending longer asleep, it appears that the female is in fact not about to bear a cub.

At the beginning of June, workers at the zoo moved Shin Shin to a so-called delivery room which was free from noise disturbances and had four monitors to keep track on her movements. Her mate, Ri Ri, remained in his usual quarters.

Takeshi Iguchi, a spokesman for Ueno Zoo, confirmed at the end of June that "Shin Shin's behaviour now strongly points to it being a false pregnancy".

The giant panda, which is on loan from China, gave birth in 2012 but her cub died of pneumonia when it was just six days old.

Written by  Mark Smith

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