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Friday, 28th June 2013
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Report shows historical lack of public spending on education in Japan

It seems that the government may have some tough questions to answer after a report revealed that Japan's public spending on education was the lowest among 30 comparative countries in 2010. 

Concerns will no doubt be raised as Japan has sat at the bottom of the table, in terms of public spending on education, for the fourth year running. 

The report, which was issued by the Organisation for Economic Corporation and Development, showed that the ratio of public spending on education to gross domestic product stood at 3.6 per cent. 

This was the same as the year before, while the amount spent on education per student in Japan was up.  

You could argue that Japan could learn a thing or two from Denmark which topped the list at 7.6 per cent. 

Among those 30 countries whose expenditure was studied, the average ratio of public spending to GDP was 5.4 per cent.  

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