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Wednesday, 26th June 2013
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IOC evaluation commission notes Tokyo's 'financial strength'

In what can be seen as a positive boost for Tokyo's bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has praised the short journey times the majority of athletes will have.

The IOC published its evaluation commission report on Tuesday (June 25th) and suggested that, if hosted by Tokyo, most participants in the Games would benefit from 20 minute travelling times from the village to various Olympic venues.  

In addition, the IOC suggested that it was sure Tokyo would have the financial capability to successfully complete structures required for the Games.

"Despite a significant construction programme, the commission is confident that work could be completed on time and that Tokyo has the necessary financial strength to do so through the TMG's Hosting Reserve Fund," the report stated.

The paper also suggested that Tokyo's transport system could support the temporary surge in population that a Games may cause.

According to the report, "the Tokyo Metropolitan area has a population of 13 million and the Greater Tokyo area 36 million. Population figures and car ownership rates are mainly stable, which should not put undue pressure on future traffic".

The study also makes mention of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and the possibility of another such natural disaster occurring in the Tokyo Bay area.

It states that a number of studies and simulations have been undertaken which "have shown that the topography and shape of the bay significantly reduce the possible impact of a tsunami".

Despite these reassurances, sea walls and breakwaters are being constructed for additional security.

What is perhaps surprising is the level of support the Games are receiving from the general public, which is relatively low. According to an opinion poll commissioned by the IOC, there was 70 per cent support in Tokyo and 67 per cent in the rest of Japan.

Comparatively, Madrid has 76 per cent support and 81 per cent in the rest of the country, and Istanbul has 83 per cent support in Istanbul and 76 per cent in the remainder of Turkey.