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Wednesday, 19th June 2013
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Record numbers treated for heatstroke as Western Japan temps rise

The heat is on and it seems that people in Western Japan are struggling to cope with rising temperatures as reports of heatstroke increase.

According to the fire and disaster management agency, close to 1,500 people have been admitted to hospital over the last week as a result of heat exhaustion.

The previous week, when the weather was more temperate, there were just 942 admissions due to heatstroke.

On Thursday June 13th, temperatures soared to 37.9 degrees in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, which made it the hottest area in the whole of the country.

The weather in Japan varies greatly depending on where you are situated. The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that average yearly temperatures in central Tokyo were 16.3 degrees.

Meanwhile, Sapporo city in Hokkaido averaged just 8.9 degrees while Naha-city in Okinawa reached an average balmy temperature of 23.1 degrees Celsius.

Tourists to Japan are advised to avoid visiting the country during its peak typhoon season, which takes place between August and October. 

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