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Monday, 14th July 2008
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Tokyo Sky Tree begins construction

The construction of the 610-metre (2,000-ft) Tokyo Sky Tree has commenced in the Japanese city.

A ceremony was held and a prayer rite was read at the building site for the project which will see the building of a new radio and TV transmission tower, reports Japan Today.

The 333 metre-high Tokyo Tower is currently being used to transmit analogue and digital TV signals by five major commercial broadcasters and NHK.

The Sky Tree has been specifically designed by the broadcasters to ensure that digital signals can be transmitted unobstructed by high-rise buildings.

Analogue broadcasting in Japan is due to be terminated by July 2011.

When it is finished, the Tokyo Sky Tree will be the tallest broadcasting tower in the world, according to

Other contenders for the name of the tower were the Rising Tower, the Mirai Tower and the Tokyo EDO Tower, claims the website.

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