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Tuesday, 11th June 2013
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Tokyo train travellers told not to use phones on platforms

Distracted commuters are at risk of harming themselves, or so officials at East Japan Railway Company believe, which is why they are asking people to refrain from using their mobiles at train stations.

Tokyo's Shinjuku station now has a sign which reads 'no cell phones while walking', and while it may seem extreme to tell people they cannot use their device while travelling, the advice stems from a recent incident.

A fifth-grade boy fell onto the train tracks while walking on a platform at Yotsuya Station in Tokyo. He was looking at his phone screen when the accident happened.  Although he escaped with minor injuries, it could of course have been a much more serious incident.

In addition to the poster, announcements are also being aired across a tannoy system at the station itself to warn passengers about the potential dangers of walking and texting. 

Japan is the only country in the world which currently states that using a hand-held and hands-free device while driving is illegal.  

Written by  Susan Ballion  

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