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Friday, 7th June 2013
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Imperial Palace joggers given their marching orders

Jogging may seem like a pretty harmless pursuit but it seems that fitness fanatics keen to take in the sights around Toyko's Imperial Palace have been causing a bit of a stir.

As a result of complaints about the growing number of people running in the area and some unfortunate pedestrians being pushed over, authorities have come up with a list of nine runners' rules.

In a bid to regulate the ever increasing number of joggers in the area, the ward office in Tokyo has asked for people to run in an anti-clockwise direction and in single file where the sidewalks are narrow.

The course which people have taken to running along goes around the palace, which is home to the Emperor and Empress, and past the National Museum of Modern Art.

Joggers can also enjoy the cherry trees of Chidorigafuchi. Although it can depend on the weather in any given year, generally the blossoms come out in Tokyo in early April. 

Written by  Mark Smith

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