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Tuesday, 4th June 2013
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Japan tests world's fastest mag-lev train

Although it won't be available to passengers until 2027, Japanese engineers have begun testing a model of the country's first magnetic levitation train. 

Once up and running, it will travel at speeds of up to 500 kilometres per hour and those using it will be able to go between Tokyo and Nagoya in just 40 minutes.

The LO model was tested in Yamanashi Prefecture on Monday, June 3rd, by officials from the Central Japan Railway.

Currently, the track is not long enough to be used to carry out a complete test run but plans are under way to extend it to 43 kilometres.

Japan's Shinkansen train, nicknamed the duck-billed Platypus thanks to its unique aerodynamic nose, is currently the third fastest in the world as it is capable of speeds of up to 275 mph.

China's CRH380A is the fastest way to travel by land at the moment thanks to its 302 mph top speed, but Japan's efforts will overtake that if successful.

Written by  Mark Smith