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Tuesday, 28th May 2013
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Melons fetch 10,000 at Japanese market

Anyone who lives outside of Japan may well be surprised to learn that a pair of cantaloupe melons recently sold at an auction for an eye-watering 1.6 million yen (GB £10,386). 

The pair were sold at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market in northern Hokkaido and the sale will not have raised too many eyebrows among the Japanese community as the fruit is considered a status symbol in east Asia. 

What is perhaps more surprising is that this is not the highest amount ever paid for a melon. That honour went to a pair sold at an auction in 2008 for 2.5 million yen (GB £16,227). 

The Yubari melons weighed  3.7 kilogrammes or 8.1 lbs and were sold not to an individual but a wholesaler who clearly saw the value in the fruit and snapped them up on the first day of the season. 

Yubari is famous for producing quality melons although the former coal-mining town is now bankrupt. 

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