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Tuesday, 21st May 2013
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Yahoo Japan Corp forced to admit data breach incident

Yahoo is the top search engine in Japan, so news that the usernames of 22 million of its customers could have been stolen will come as a shock to many of the country's citizens.

The company was keen to state that passwords had not been taken in the incident, which took place on May 16th, although it has advised people to change their details just in case.

A statement from Yahoo Japan Corp read: "We don't know if the file (of 22 million user IDs) was leaked or not, but we can't deny the possibility given the volume of traffic between our server and external terminals."

The organisation has been keen to reassure its users that it will be tightening its security following this latest incident.

However, customers may also be aware of a similar security breach on April 2nd in which an attempt was made to steal IDs from the company's systems.