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Monday, 15th September 2008
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Japan celebrates Respect for the Aged Day

The Japanese financial markets closed today in honour of the national holiday, Respect for the Aged Day.

Ten per cent (13.21 million) of Japan's population is comprised of people over the age of 75, an increase of 530,000 on last year.

Around one-third (32.2 per cent) of people aged between 65 and 74 are currently working, a rise of 1.1 per cent on the last survey in 2002.

The country also has the longest life expectancy in the world.

In a reflection of the falling birth rate in the country, the number of youngsters aged 14 or below is smaller than adults over the age of 70.

Japan's total population is estimated to be 127.71 million, a decline of 50,000 on last year's figures.

The Daily Yomiuri reports that 100-year-ld man in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward is still working as a grocer and continues to pick up heavy watermelons with ease.

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