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Wednesday, 24th April 2013
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Japanese supermarkets show rise in clothes sales

An increase in clothes sales has helped push Japan's supermarkets out of the red, the Japan Chain Stores Association has revealed.

The figures mark the first rise in 13 months for shops across the country. Sales of clothes in the country's stores were up 7.1 per cent and account for just over ten per cent of overall purchases.

Meanwhile sales of food at Japanese supermarkets dropped by 0.3 per cent. Foodstuff accounts for some 61.8 per cent of total sales.

The association suggested that the increase in clothes sales was due to a rise in temperatures which has led to people investing in items for spring.

Figures were based on sales at 57 supermarket chains spanning some 7,947 stores across the country.

Previously, the association blamed poor weather and slower demand for winter clothes for the slump in sales during the colder months.

Written by Mark Smith