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Wednesday, 17th April 2013
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Iron Man 3 to be shown in fourth dimension format in Japan

Film fanatics will no doubt be pleased to hear that Iron Man 3, which is due for release in Japan on April 26th, will be shown in 4DX format.

It will be the first time Japanese audiences have been treated to the technology and only those attending the Nagoya theatre, which is owned by the Korona World Chain, will be able to take advantage of it.

The so-called fourth dimension will allow cinemagoers to experience effects including strobe lights which appear to be in the theatre itself.

4DX was developed by the South Korean multiplex chain CJ CGV, and viewers watching a film using the technology can experience a number of effects including humidity, odours and motion.

The technology was debuted in Seoul, South Korea during a screening of Avatar in 2009.

Currently the format has been used in theatres including those in China, Israel, Thailand, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Hungary.

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