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Tuesday, 9th April 2013
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Japanese whalers return with record-low catch

The Japanese government has blamed "sabotage" for boaters returning with a record-low catch of whales.

It was revealed that over a period of 48 days, just 103 Minke whales had been killed, well below the target of 935.

Furthermore, the whalers also did not manage to secure any humpback or fin whales despite hoping for 50 of each breed, resulting in the lowest catch since 1987.

The government has now said that Sea Shepherd Australia disrupted operations by sending four vessels out to the Antarctic waters for 21 days.

It was reported that ships from the activist group even crashed into a factory boat and fuel tanker so that refuelling could not take place.

Sea Shepherd was founded in 1977 and sets out in its mission statement that it wants to "end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans to conserve and protect ecosystems and species".

"We will seek more support from other countries to conduct research whaling in a stable manner," fisheries minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said.

Written by Mark Smith