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Tuesday, 2nd April 2013
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Sony jokes about in-cage speakers for hamsters

It seems that even multi-national companies are not afraid to share in the jokes on April Fool's Day, as one of world's biggest organisations took the opportunity to play tricks on their customers yesterday.

Japanese electronics giant Sony pretended to launch a TV that displayed pictures in dog-friendly colours.

Sony stated that its so-called K9 4K TV had blue and yellow tones but missed green and red colours which canines are not capable of viewing. The device was also supposedly equipped with a remote control that had buttons designed to be used by animals with paws.

Not content with duping their customers into believing they could buy a TV which had been specifically converted for their dogs, Sony also announced the release of headphones for cats and in-cage speakers for hamsters.

The company quoted Tom Barret, lead engineer for the Animalia line, as saying: "Sony is known for making products that enrich our lives, and the Animalia line was developed for domesticated animals who also naturally seek visual, music and emotional experiences."

Written by Graham McPherson

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