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Tuesday, 12th March 2013
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Japan makes steps towards harnessing alternative energy source

The Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry reported a world-first by extracting natural gas from frozen methane hydrate in waters off the Pacific coast.

If the alternative energy source can be harnessed on a large scale it could have major implications for Japan as there is believed to be a rich source of methane hydrate in the sea surrounding the island.

The AFP news agency reported an official from the ministry as saying that this is "the world's first offshore experiment producing gas from methane hydrate".

Despite making inroads into alternative energy sources, Japan is still interested in investing in nuclear power as the country has resumed work on updates to the Oma Nuclear Power Plant.

The operations at the plant were temporarily halted by the operator in charge, Electric Power Development Co (also known as J-Power), following the 2011 disaster at Fukushima.

After its construction in 2008, the building provided one-third of Japan's electricity and clearly there are hopes that it can do so again.